Scuderia Amazon Building

This building's flat roof has a lightweight screed as the structure would not accept anything heavier upon it. Waterprooflab was awarded the job of sealing this roof. You can see the builders joining two seams with adhesive below. Waterproof Lab used 6m wide, 30m long EPDM membrane, minimising seams, which can pose the risk of water ingress. Traditional waterproofing membranes are just over 1- 3mm wide and 10m long, which requires numerous seams, increasing labour costs and risks .
flat roof

Vredehoek Reservoir

A landlord had 3 water tanks built to compliment his house with a water heating system. An engineering firm approached us to seal three water tanks after a numerous waterproofing attempts had failed. Their brief was simple. They were looking for an eco friendly waterproof solution that will seal the tanks. Nothing had worked before.

House LLundadno

See Waterproof Lab sealing an upmarket home's timber roof below - fire-retardant EPDM was chemically sealed with our specialised EPDM bonding adhesive. Only one seam was used due to the width of the rolls - 6m wide by 30m long!
timber roof

Durbanville Square

Isipani Construction contracted Waterproof Lab to seal the water storage tanks in Durbanville, this was done with EPDM membrane. As you can see from the picture above, we tanked the complete container without cutting the membrane anywhere, but rather folding a complete EPDM membrane tightly into the corners. This removes risk of water ingress as there are no seams!


Waterproof Lab was contracted to seal all parapet walls, box cutters and flat-roof decks to this prestigious football club in Parow, Cape Town.
new build

Rupert Museum

Waterproof Lab was briefed by TV3 Architects, a well-known architecture firm based in Stellenbosch, to waterproof a reflection pool for the iconic new Rupert Museum.

Esteam Somerset College

2AD Architects Inc. - a company of architects based in Somerset West - selected Waterproof Lab to apply EPDM to the entire concrete and timber roof of the prestigious Esteam Building of Somerset College. Waterproof Lab were also awarded the project of sealing the entire foundations and lift shaft with EPDM. See process pictures and the final building below!


Engineers were looking for a waterproofing solution to restore an old reservoir, Waterproof Lab came to their rescue by providing EPDM that could cover all cracks, has a stretch capability of up to 400%.

Timber Living

TimberLiving appointed Waterproof Lab to seal their eco-friendly timber houses. EPDM RubberGard waterproofing membrane compliments this as it is eco-friendly, recyclable and chemically adheres perfectly to the wooden substrate with bonding adhesive. It is UV protective, fire-retardant and offers the longest warranty in the industry!

Vredehoek Eco-Pool

This residential eco-pool was featured in The Mission Fly Mag, as seen above. Waterproof Lab expertly lined the eco-pool with EPDM.

CPT Harbour Desalination Plant

Waterproof Lab assisted an upcountry Contractor with the resurrecting and refurbishing an old reservoir for Cape Town Harbour and line it with EPDM membrane. This specific membrane having minimal seams, ensured that the potential ingress of water in those areas were minimised .

House Camps Bay

Waterproof Lab sealed this roof with EPDM which was loose laid, stabilised and protected with stone aggregate on top of a protective geo-textile layer. The ballast system offers the advantage of a cooler roof in summer and a warmer roof in winter, at a lower initial installation cost to the landlord!
flat roof

Seascape Penthouse

Waterproof Lab installed one large rubber membrane and secured it with ballast paving slabs and stone aggregate. We used aluminium termination bars to secure the membrane in the full perimeter of the balcony. Part of the system of sealing perimeter edges securely Waterproof Lab lined a bead of water mastic under the membrane and then secured the EPDM membrane with aluminum termination bars and with alloy nail in anchors. Waterproof Lab then lined a bead of liquid EPDM on top of the aluminum termination bars to further eliminate the risk of water ingress give the landlord as watertight balcony.

Tygervalley Centre

Waterproof Lab was contracted to seal a leaking box gutter above one of Tygervalley Centre’s anchor tenants. The failed waterproofing was removed and replaced with EPDM - a great advantage of using this waterproofing system in this application was the waterproof membrane’s high UV resistance to the strong African sun and the fact that we could terminate the membrane against the vertical wall of the parapet with aluminium termination bar.
Box Gutter

Frequently Asked Questions


Wherever water containment is needed, a watertight membrane is required to isolate the water from the surrounds & ensure that the containment material is leak free & compatible with storing the water in a safe & microbe free environment, whatever substrate it is collected on – precast or cast concrete, or whatever other substrate it is based on or in. Our Firestone EPDM membrane, being manufactured under controlled Factory conditions, presents the ideal, seamless, inert basis, either loose laid on a natural sand base, or fully adhered to the internal surface of a custombuilt water containment structure; 

Being manufactured under strictly controlled conditions & available in widths of up to 9m wide, 30m long & 1,14mm thick, it will be guaranteed to last many years, even in the most cruel Ultra-violet conditions – in fact, our Firestone EPDM carries a 15 year material warranty, backed by the manufacturer;  

On account of the fact that our EPDM is manufactured in 6m wide & 30m long rolls, together with a tried & tested sealing system &we are able to supply you with a 15year material, & 3year labour warranty;

Pursuant to the above information, this is not a problem  at all 

This is quite common with the older concrete farm dams, which we can remedy in either of two ways – Yes EPDM has in excess of 300% stetch capability with out affecting the quality.

It is our standard practice to terminate all EPDM upstands by physically fixing aluminium Termination Bars around the perimeter of our material, with alloy nail-ins, along the top of which we apply a bead of our Black Lap Sealant, as a final insurance that there will be no water ingress behind our material. 

Yes this is not a problem whatsoever.  Our products are fish friendly and U V resistance 

Another big benefit derived from using Waterproof Lab’s EPDM membrane, is the fact that it can be easily & quickly repaired by simply cutting a patch from a roll of our Quickseam Formflash (223mm wide), apply a coating of Quickprime to the damaged area, wait until touch dry & simply stick the patch down, making sure to roll it well with a rubber roller. ( The Formflash material is uncured EPDM & forms an integral bond with the membrane.) 

Our warranty is dependent on the fact that the installation of our EPDM system has been applied by an accredited Waterproof Lab/Firestone Applicator, which will entitle you to a 15 year material warranty & a 5year warranty from the responsible applicator  

 The advantage of our system over others, is that it has been designed by a World Class company, Firestone & tried & tested over a period of nearly 50 years, all over the world & in many countries world- wide, within differing climatic conditions, varying from the desert, with a high UV factor, to arctic conditions, many degrees below freezing.  


Please mail us all your relevant details, including measurements & pictures, if possible, & we will revert within 48 hours, with our recommendations. 

 If you wish, we can deliver.  The cost will be included in your quotation. 

Please visit our website ( where you will be directed to training documentation. 

Like any other Product or Service, there is sometimes a vast disparity between the best & the others.

However, although we like to compare our Product and Service to be superior to that of our competitors, we position our business to offer the best value for money, so please give us the opportunity to prove this claim to you, by allowing us to quote on your next waterproofing project, big or small. We promise not to disappoint you!  

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Leaking in Lockdown?

We are licensed for essential services.